Don’t worry about how to choose your bridesmaid dress if you make good use of 2017 Pantone ten popular color!

Authoritative color research institutions Pantone released the ten main of the most popular color. Except the girls’ Symbolic color Rose Quartz and serenity,there are peach echo,buttercup and lilac gray etc.
Bridesmaids is not also your best intimate girlfriends in your life, they play important role in your wedding. You need to think carefully about bridesmaids dresses‘ color when you preparing your wedding. You are the best beautiful woman that day and you can’t ignore the girls who accompany you.


Rose Quartz is delicate, sweet, soft, warm pink crystal.
Peach Echo is bright and lively color,at the same time it has both ladies elegant and charming.
Fiesta is a full saturation color,fascinating and bright,brings people festive joyous.
Buttercup ia bright, cheerful color, is a color which can makes you happy.
Limpet Shell is a clear and transparent blue color, it can brings you fresh coolness in the hot summer.
It is said that Serenity is a color which can makes people relax and comfortable.
Natural and neutral Iced Coffee takes the beauty of elegant.
Bright and vibrant Green Flash will bring the spring and summer wedding healthy and energetic.
Lilac Gray is a high grade gray with a little purple and also have the charm of mysterious and elegant.
Calm and mysterious, Snorkel Blue is more bright and energetic than any other Navy Blue Colors.

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